Fri, Feb 23, 2018

Rob Dunn, a life long resident of San Diego County and owner operator of Dunn Drywall, has built his company's reputation on excellence of work ethic and quality of result.  In Rob's words, "we just try and make people happy and do a good job.  I take personal responsibility for each Job and make it my aim to hire reliable, conscious employees that I can trust".  Many of us know that hiring contractors and being happy with them and the resulting outcome isn't always that easy.  A quick look at the reviews for Dunn Drywall on Angie's List and Yelp show that Rob's good reputation and that of Dunn Drywall are proceeding them.  In case you don't have access to Angie's list,  the image to the left is from the Dunn Drywall ratings page.  Also see our testimonials here.

If you would like an estimate for work, simply fill out the job request form for a very quick response (see menu button "job request"). Dunn Drywall will immediately notified of your request, and will respond quickly in your behalf.  Weather it's a simple repair, complete residential or commercial drywall job, a complete renovation or remodel, all requests will be responded to in a timely fashion in order to help you with your construction challenge.



Disclaimer:  Some of the images included on this website are for illustrative purposes only which represent the type of work that Dunn Drywall performs and which are advertised on this website, but are not necessarily the images of work that has been performed by the company or Rob Dunn.  However all images which are contained in the image gallery are of work performed by Dunn Drywall.