Fri, Feb 23, 2018
Neighbor in Carlsbad CA
2013-01-21, 08:02
Rob did a great job per our request. He is very detail oriented both in the estimate stage and in the final job completion. He took our input and provided good feedback. The job was done on time with good quality and we were happy with the outcome. I would recommend him for my friends.
Eunha Hoh
2013-09-13, 07:13
We had significant water damage to the ceiling and walls of a bedroom. Dunn Drywall removed the wet drywall on 1/2 the ceiling and 1 wall and a few other spots. New insulation and drywall was installed. Orange peel texture was applied to match. Communication was very good and the job was quickly scheduled. The work was completed within one day.
Rob H.
2012-09-06, 08:03
Rob was awesome. Quality of work excellent and very efficient. Highly recommend again.
Sherry Kampin
2014-10-07, 07:08
Robert Dunn was a pleasure to work with. I scheduled the work about a week in advance. He was available earlier but my schedule added on a few days. Prior to calling Dunn Drywall, we had replaced a ceiling exhaust fan in the bathroom and this left a hole of approximately 1.5 x 2 feet in the ceiling. He replaced the drywall, and retextured the entire ceiling in the room (approximately 6' x 6') so that there would be no sign of any repair. He also was very good about cleaning up after he comp...
Neighbor in Carlsbad CA
2012-05-16, 08:06
They did an excellent job on the drywall repair!
Natalie S.
2014-11-06, 08:03
Helpful, honest, and great work!
Charles Smith
2013-09-11, 07:57
Had a roof leak and therefore water damage inside the house. Also had the whole house humidifier leak and had water damage from that. Started work a little after 8 a.m. and finished about 11:30. Did a very nice job and cleaned up nicely.
Allen Edwin
2013-09-16, 07:14
Rob Dunn came out the first day and installed dry wall patches and taped and mudded the repairs. While attempting to repair an adjacent area that looked like a prior poor taping ,Rob discovered wet dry wall which he removed.. Since the cause was a very small leak in a the top of a cast iron drain pipe he could not replace the dry wall until the leak was fixed..

I had the leak repaired the same day, and the following day Joe came out and completed the job, including texturing the repaired ar...
Bill Spyrou
2013-08-29, 07:59
We had removed old white tile backsplash from the kitchen and needed the exposed drywall repaired that was behind it.Everything went fantastic. Robert came over initially before we had removed the backsplash to get an estimate on what it might cost for repair but told us he'd have to come back to see the end result of the removal before giving us a price,saying depending on the damage it could be anywhere from around $500 to $1500 dollars.After the backsplash had been removed we called Robert ba...
Janel C.
2011-04-26, 08:07
Tom L.
2014-06-06, 08:05
Rob was great!
Jennifer S.
2015-01-06, 08:01
Rob was great! He takes a lot of pride in his work and it shows in the end results. Rob went beyond the area being repaired to remove paint lines and textured the whole area to make sure it blended. He was kind enough to remove a giant mirror from the wall and cart it away for me. Rob is respectful, honest, and efficient. I definitely recommend his services.
Roger B.
2012-05-16, 08:04
Excellent customer service, cleaned up after finished